Discount E-Package for Edison Spaces Clients

It is our mission to support our client’s business success, so we have partnered with to offer discount internet solutions.

This discount e-package will compliment our affordable “Physical Business Office” with a dynamic “Online Business Identity”.

$950.00 mth / Discount e-Package

DISCOUNT E-PACKAGE FOR EDISON SPACES CLIENTS is excited to provide the following Discount e-Package to tenants of Edison Spaces with a tailored e-strategy to help engage your target audience and surpass your online business objectives.

FREE Website Design and Development
FREE Email Marketing
FREE Social Marketing
FREE Domain Name Hosting
FREE Website Hosting
FREE Search Engine Optimization
FREE Staff Headshot Images
… and much more.

Please fill out the short form and our team will swing by your office for a collaborative session and tips to speed track your online evolution. 

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Maze Freight Solutions

Edison Spaces: 4400 College Boulevard, Overland Park, Kansas 66211


Rack Performance

Edison Spaces: 7900 College Boulevard, Overland Park, Kansas 66210

Thank you.

Since 2001, has been the trusted Internet Support Partner of the midwest’s top corporate, non-profit and health organizations. Our agency’s ongoing success stems from the ability to inspire user engagement and quickly evolve the client’s website to their most effective marketing arm.

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Meet Moonshot Innovations Need a software development partner for an idea that seems almost impossible to achieve? Then talk to our client Moonshot Innovations...
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