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TopTrending Online Solutions in Healthcare and Clinics

Top Trending Online Solutions


Health Benefits Intelligence Software
Health Benefits Intelligence Application

Employee healthcare costs are often the largest expense line item for an employer. This innovative Health Intelligence Application gives employers absolute analytics insight down to the member/employee level. This new insight on the most costly conditions to the most expensive pharmaceuticals allows the employer to create roadmaps for cost-saving solutions and lifestyle enhancement programs.

Don’t let the growing employee health benefits costs remain a mystery. Start a data-based adaptive strategy to save your company millions of dollars within 30 days. 

Business Intelligence Dashboards
Business Intelligence Dashboards present multiple sources of data in to real-time charts and workflow monitors for the leadership team. Each department head will be able to customize their own analytics ranging from Staffing Schedule Open/Fill Ratios > to Marketing Campaign Conversions/ROI > to the Number of Patients Scheduled for an Appointment.
Best Website Design Firm

Since 2001, has been the trusted Website Support and Software Integration Partner of many of the top corporate, non-profit and health organizations. Our agency’s ongoing success stems from the ability to inspire user engagement and quickly evolve the client’s website to their most effective marketing arm. 

We are proud to support the online objectives of hundreds of small business owners - and the families that rely on their success. Let’s schedule a short online brainstorm session to explore the trending web tech in your industry.

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With conferences being pushed to next year, free online brainstorm sessions keep leadership connected to low-cost, high-value trends in their industry. can even send comparative price guides to measure your cost-savings against the current solutions provider. We look forward to helping you.

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